Mar 01, 2017

“My company engaged emerce commerce to assist with the start-up phase of our ecommerce business. matt roux, from emerce worked closely with me on the ‘blueprinting’ process. This enabled me to really understand the big picture of my business concept and how ecommerce was the enabler. By drilling into details, like user flows, with matt, i was able to see hidden complexities. the blueprint has also given me confidence that the quoted development time and budget are realistic. I would highly recommend the emerce commerce blueprinting step for a startup, as an essential process to avoid expenses mistakes further down the line.”
Leejay Carrozzo, Vivyd

A common complaint about ecommerce development projects is that they often overrun in terms of deadline and budget. At Emerce Commerce, we believe that an upfront blueprinting phase can drastically reduce the risk of ‘project overrun’ by surfacing hidden risks and complexities. The blueprinting phase maps out key business processes and defines the overall it solution architecture.

For start-up ecommerce businesses or for established businesses that wish to integrate online channels into their existing infrastructure, such as accounting systems and warehouse management systems, it is crucial to conduct this blueprinting phase before selecting software solutions or writing any code in isolation. This allows the most appropriate and most cost effective software solutions to be recommended and implemented. costly mistakes, later in the project, will be avoided by having the overall it architecture defined upfront.

Our CTU, Matt Roux, recently worked hand-in-hand with Leejay Carrozzo of Vivyd to map out the user flows and system components required to implement a brand new business, which will introduce an innovative approach to the sale and fitment of aftermarket performance car parts in the South African market. the structured process followed by Roux surfaced many hidden complexities that had not yet been thought of by the business owner.

As a result of the blueprinting phase, Emerce Commerce was able to recommend an ecommerce platform along with pricing and timelines to a high degree of confidence.