Ecommerce blueprint case study: Vivyd

Emerce Commerce helps customers to reduce the risk of ecommerce projects overrunning in terms of cost and timeline by creating detailed solution blueprints

“My company engaged Emerce Commerce to assist with the start-up phase of our ecommerce business. Matt Roux, from Emerce worked closely with me on the ‘blueprinting’ process. This enabled me to really understand the big picture of my business concept and how ecommerce was the enabler. By drilling into details, like user flows, with Matt, I was able to see hidden complexities. The blueprint has also given me confidence that the quoted development time and budget are realistic. I would highly recommend the Emerce Commerce blueprinting step for a startup, as an essential process to avoid expenses mistakes further down the line.”  

Leejay Carrozzo,Vivyd 

A common complaint about ecommerce development projects is that they often overrun in terms of deadline and budget. At Emerce Commerce, we believe that an upfront blueprinting phase can drastically reduce the risk of ‘project overrun’ by surfacing hidden risks and complexities. The blueprinting phase maps out key business processes and defines the overall it solution architecture.

 For start-up ecommerce businesses or for established businesses that wish to integrate online channels into their existing infrastructure, such as accounting systems and warehouse management systems, it is crucial to conduct this blueprinting phase before selecting software solutions or writing any code in isolation. This allows the most appropriate and most cost effective software solutions to be recommended and implemented. costly mistakes, later in the project, will be avoided by having the overall it architecture defined upfront. 

 Our CTU, Matt Roux, recently worked hand-in-hand with Leejay Carrozzo of Vivyd to map out the user flows and system components required to implement a brand new business, which will introduce an innovative approach to the sale and fitment of aftermarket performance car parts in the South African market. The structured process followed by Roux surfaced many hidden complexities that had not yet been thought of by the business owner. 

As a result of the blueprinting phase, Emerce Commerce was able to recommend an ecommerce platform along with pricing and timelines to a high degree of confidence.

Ecommerce partnership case study: Jekyll and Hide

"Emerce Commerce has enabled Jekyll & Hide to achieve a rapid return on investment, like no other in its ecommerce venture. We couldn’t get this start up solution from anyone else at such a remarkable price and intimate knowledge of all elements of ecommerce. We have partnered with Emerce Commerce to drive an aggressive ecommerce strategy to help build the Jekyll & Hide brand and drive sales for our business, globally. Emerce Commerce have brought a laser-like focus to our ecommerce build out. They know that growth can be achieved quickly even while ensuring costs are kept low. They are undoubtedly the right partner for our global online expansion plans.”

Bernard Bultemeier, Jekyll & Hide

The Jekyll & Hide story is a simple one: founded in 2003 they set out to create a combination of authentically crafted, genuine leather products, procured from the best leather merchants from all corners of the world. Their design teams in Cape Town and London look to what their core customers needs are in order to ensure they create products that are life-long partners in the travels and adventures of life. 

 Boasting an impressive network of stockists in South Africa and the United Kingdom, the Jekyll & Hide team knew that selling their products online would bolster existing channels both in terms of sales and customer service. They had tried a number of custom-built ecommerce solutions for the South African customer base, which didn’t gain traction. A rapid Shopify website rollout for the United Kingdom customer base proved fruitful but not entirely optimised. 

Jekyll & Hide approached Emerce Commerce to drive the entire Jekyll & Hide ecommerce strategy, which includes the day to day management of the existing UK website and to build a brand new Shopify website for South Africa and Australia. 

The Shopify website was launched in just 5 weeks and almost immediately saw a major increase in sales at 300% (off a low base initially). Jekyll & Hide has shipped online orders to 8 of the 9 provinces in South Africa within the 1st 6 months.

The key improvements driving increased online sales for include:

  • A vastly reduced development fee and an improved speed to market  
  • Fully responsive website allowing seamless online purchasing from desktops and mobile devices 
  • Greatly improved search functionality to allow customers to find the exact products they’re looking for 
  • A Shopify theme optimized for a lifestyle brand makes the browsing experience a pleasure
  • Seamless integration into Mailchimp from the Shopify site to grow the newsletter database 
  • In the previous website product colours were not treated as variants of the same SKU – instead, each product colour meant a new SKU. this made product search and display clunky. in the new solution, each SKU can have multiple variants such as colour and size
  • The custom website added blanket delivery fee. On the new site delivery fees can be configured based on order value or geographic region SEO on
  • The custom website was not consistently applied. On the new website key SEO features are consistently applied across all pages
  • Highly detailed product images (at least 3 per product) were introduced for each product and product descriptions were improved
  • Easy to add new content and pages to the new site whereas in the previous site a developer was required to add these 
  • Traffic generation: Emerce Commerce has delivered a digital marketing service for jekyll & hide (via its partners) which is driving an increase in traffic from all sources including google adwords, marketing newsletters and social media

In the 3 months since Emerce Commerce launched the new site all onsite indicators have improved:

  • The site has a higher returning user percentage (+32%) 
  • The bounce rate has decreased (-25%) 
  • The average session duration is longer (+12%) 
  • Pages per session have increased (+8%) 
  • 45% of all traffic is from mobile devices and that traffic is rendering appropriately 

Increase Percentage in 6 months
Facebook Likes276%
Twitter Followers18%
Instagram Followers300%
Mailchimp UK25%
Mailchimp SA5446% (off an almost zero base)

Services provided by Emerce Ecommerce for Jekyll & Hide:

Strategy definition for global online ambitions for Jekyll and Hide
Project management of Shopify implementation
Daily oversight of digital marketing
Maintenance and enhancement of both UK and SA and Australia websites
Ecommerce operational SLA consulting to ensure that the internal Jekyll & Hide teams provide the best possible customer service for online orders
Inventory level integration to stock keeping system (Pastel) to avoid overselling on the website
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Emerce Commerce & Kolok SA Ecommerce scoping case study

“We engaged Emerce Commerce to position the role of ecommerce at Kolok and to define the scope for the short and medium term rollout of the online channel. This enabled our stakeholders to get onto the same page and Matt Roux, CTO of Emerce Commerce clearly defined the scope of the short and medium term with a particular focus on a B2B website build. The scoping has given us the confidence that the quoted development time and budget for the B2B website build are on target. We highly recommend the experience of Emerce Commerce when considering how ecommerce can exist hand-in-hand with traditional channels.”

Richard Vivian, Kolok SA 

Part of the Bidvest Group, Kolok is a leading distributor of a very wide range of local and international brands of computer consumables, printer hardware, office machines, data media and accessories to a network of over 1600 resellers across South Africa as well as Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. It sells over 5,500 products including brands such as Hewlett Packard, Samsung, Seagate, Kaspersky, Oki, Pantum, Lexmark, Canon, Verbatim and many more.

These resellers submit sales orders to Kolok via email and phone. The sales orders are then captured into Kolok’s ERP system by internal sales staff. The opportunity exists to create a B2B website to allow the resellers to capture the sales orders online and to have full self-service access to their order history and documentation, thus reducing administrative load on Kolok and growing sales.

Our CTO, Matt Roux, worked hand-in-hand with the key business and IT stakeholders of Kolok to define their short to mid-term ecommerce scope with a particular focus on the immediate requirements of the B2B website. The requirements of the sales team, warehousing and logistics team, finance team, IT development team, branches and the marketing team were taken into account.

We provided clear direction on how the B2B website will integrate into the overall process and system landscape of Kolok, with a focus on the integration architecture approach to internal systems such as the ERP and warehouse management systems as well to external parties.

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