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  • Mar 01, 2017
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“By understanding the data [delivered to you through your website], you can tailor make propositions – from a marketing point of view, and from a sales point of view – that are relevant.”

She adds: “If you get it right, your incremental commercial performance can be multiplied by 6 times or more, because you’re listening to the customer. Customers tell you what they want by how they interact with your website, how they search when they’re looking for things online, how they interact on your store, etc…”

Cromhout notes that the other major piece is, ‘how do you bring in the Social Media relationship with your customer’?

“They are influencing their friends on Twitter and Facebook, so how do you make sure they know about you and are willing to share their messages with you?”

By way of example…

The Red Dress boutique in the U.S. boosted their sales from around 7 million to 80 million, says Cromhout, by drawing on consumer feedback and insights…

“Instead of just going to Milan to buy beautiful fashion, looking with her own eye…the owner took photographs of all the different silhouettes, all the different stylings and options, put them onto Twitter, and got live responses from her audience.”

According to Cromhout, her sell-through rates were amazing…’she just went through the roof in terms of sales performance. She listened to the customer, and asked them to be part of her journey, and she got the results…’

Any tips for newcomers to e-commerce?

“Make sure your site is super easy, and you can easily navigate your way from a customer point of view, not from a product point of view,” she says. “The user experience is so important, and the journey starts there…then put serious energy and effort into [retaining] the customer, and create an experience according to what they want.”

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